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We will accommodate your schedule with online or remote consultations either through email or secure video. We are business lawyers, however we have associations with a wide variety of specialists. We look forward to assisting you with your personal or business legal needs.

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Home/ Consultations/ Contract Law/ México <−> U.S.A./ More/

Contract Law


All transactions are based on agreements. A contract is a, legally binding, written agreement. Nothing other than a testimonial of the party's compromises and a guarantee of fulfillment. A contract guarantees the parties right to go before judicial or government authorities and ask for their intervention in case of default.

The amount and variety of agreements we make in our every day lives is, virtually, unlimited.

Galvan Law focuses in contracts among non governmental entities, particularly regarding a) business development and commerce transactions; and b) individuals, persons, that need to guarantee different kinds of obligations.

The variety of subjects Galvan Law may intervene, from a contractual point of view, is broad due to its years of experience and its interdisciplinary team of experts. From a simple transaction among individuals to complex negotiations involving multiple parties. Commercial transactions, national and international, virtual or requiring personal presence.

Request the contract you need. It's simple:

1) Download, answer and send the initial request form to, through WhatsApp or our contact form. This will be considered your request.

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Among other things, In this site, we offer you a compilation of examples of the most common agreements used for business. Follow this link to find examples regarding property lease, sales, construction, creative works, joint ventures and other subjects you can download and use (be sure to read the warning regarding the use of these documents).

When it comes to contracts, with Galvan Law you're playing it safe.

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Home/ Consultations/ Contract Law/ México <−> E.U.A./ More/

México <−> E.U.A.


Through our partnership with Perryman Law in the United Sates of America, we are able to offer representation services for both countries on the northern border of Mexico (South of the U.S.A.).

We advise for business and entrepreneurs regarding technology, energy, real estate, import/export and communications.

We assist in evaluating our clients potential business partners in both countries; conducting due diligence; title search; strategic business and legal planning; setting up cross border joint ventures and associations; and drafting cross border enforceable agreements.

Our main services include:
Planning, structuring and implementing cross border joint ventures and related Mexican and U.S.A. incorporation, due diligence, environmental, labor and immigration compliance and permitting;
Technology transfers and protection of intellectual property;
Structuring the acquisition, sale, leasing and financing of commercial and residential properties in both countries;
Developing tourist projects along Mexico’s Restricted Zone (Zona Restringida);
Cross border commercial litigation and arbitration;
Enforcement and recognition of foreign judgments in both countries.

Over time we have developed a wide network of associates, both sides of the border, with whom we provide our clients with seamless, multidisciplinary and dependable legal services in a personalized, cost effective and reliable manner providing them with timely and extraordinary efficiency.

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Visit our associate's site in the U.S.A, Perryman Law.

Home/ Consultations/ Contract Law/ México <−> U.S.A./ More/


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